Siewert Bridge™ Solutions Course

Siewert Bridge™ Solutions Course

A new course on implant-supported prosthesis will be held at MPI (C / Empleo 21, Pol. Ind. Los Olivos - 28906-Getafe-Madrid), dictated by Dr. Bernd Siewert

This course is aimed at dentists and prosthetists who perform implant restorations.

You will learn the construction principles of the SIEWERT BRIDGE ™; the advantages against conventional prosthetic solutions; the explanation of the analog and digital workflow… and much more. Do not miss it!

Its objective is to explain and teach the professional everything necessary so that they can use the method the following day in their dental office or laboratory.

Caja Siwert

If you are interested in signing up, do not hesitate and hurry, places are limited! Due to preventive public health measures, a limited  number of 6 atendees is allowed.

You can reserve your place by writing to (the link sends an email) or by calling +34 91 684 60 63.


We are waiting for you!